Current Projects

Coastal Cleanup Day -- September 16, 2017

On our Coastal Cleanup Day last year:

Coastal Cleanup Day, Magnolia Marsh Volunteers
Volunteers at the Magnolia Marsh on Coastal Cleanup Day; September 17, 2016
Coastal Cleanup Day, Trash Collected
A fe of the 62 bags of trash collected by HBWC Volunteers on Coastal Cleanup Day; September 17, 2016

Native Plant Nursery

Part of the mission statement of the Huntington Beach Wetlands Conservancy is restoration of native habitat. To that end, the Conservancy, as part of its involvement in the Orange Coast River Park (OCRP), hosts the OCRP native plant nursery. The nursery, located within the Conservancy's site at PCH and Newland, will be instrumental in helping restore native species to local area wetlands including the Huntington Beach Wetlands and both wetlands and uplands within the OCRP along the Santa Ana River. The nursery has been established specifically to propagate native plants to be used for restoration projects in Huntington Beach, Newport Beach and Costa Mesa.

While the targeted wetland and upland properties cover many plant communities, wetland species will be the initial focus of the plant propagation efforts. Having a local nursery that focuses on wetland species is significant since it will minimize the cost of plant stock needed for restoration projects, provide a stable and reliable source of replacement plant stock, and insure that the plants used for these restorations have come from locally native seeds and cuttings. The nursery is a volunteer-based project, which provides a unique opportunity for members of the community to be involved in directly impacting the habitat of local coastal areas.

Salt Marsh Bird's Beak

The Huntington Beach Wetlands Conservancy has embarked on a research project involving the endangered species of Salt Marsh Bird's Beak plant. This beautiful plant is a hemiparasite growing in low clumps, and concentrates and excretes the salts that give it a distinctive grainy crust.